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Desert Schools offers these Site Requirements to maximize your time on For instance, an 800 x 600 screen resolution or higher is required; however, Desert Schools recommends 1024 x 768 for optimal viewing. To ensure the highest security standards, we test browsers and do not support beta versions. Under normal circumstances, we support a new browser version shortly after its final release.

Site Requirements

To ensure maximum security of information and proper operation of our products, beta software is not recommended for use with Online Banking. Since beta software is experimental and undergoes significant changes by the manufacturer, we can only recommend final, released versions of new browsers and operating systems.


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To enlarge the font for this site, please do so via your browser's display settings. In most cases, that simply means going to the View menu, clicking Text Size and choosing the increase option. Please be aware that if you change to a non-default text size, it may impact your ability to log into Online Banking via the virtual KeyPad.

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