How can I order or reorder checks? 

Log into Online Banking, go to the Resource Center and click Check Reorder, then select "click here" under the Personal Accounts section. You may also contact Clarke American at (800) 355-8123 or via their Web site.

How can I view check copies online? 

To view posted checks, log into Online Banking, and click the appropriate account on the My Accounts tab. Locate the check number in the Account History section, and click the blue description (e.g., Check 100). The check image will appear in a new window.

If you do not see a new window with your check image in it, please verify that you do not have a popup blocker. If a check cleared in the branch or was posted manually, the image will be unavailable. Check copies can be ordered by phone or via the Check Copy Request form, located under the Resource Center tab in Online Banking.

What is Check# 8499? 

Check# 8499 is assigned to electronic check-by-phone transactions with no reference number or to checks that are damaged and unreadable by our electronic processor. To verify the payee, a copy must be ordered for $2.

What is Privilege Pay? 

Privilege Pay is an overdraft program designed to pay checks and electronic items that would otherwise be returned for insufficient funds. A Privilege Pay (Non-Sufficient Funds - Paid NSF) fee is applied when Privilege Pay pays the item. This helps avoid fees a merchant would apply on a returned item. Eligibility requirements are based upon account status at the time an item is presented. You may elect to discontinue this service by emailing or calling us.

What is the Clarke American charge on my statement? 

Clarke American is the company that makes your checks. This is the charge for your recent check order.

How do I place a stop payment? 

We require specific information: the check number, payee of the check, amount of the check and reason. There are three reasons for stop payments: lost/stolen checks, fraud/forgery or refer to maker. To request a stop payment on an individual check, log into Online Banking, go to the Resource Center and click Stop Payment Request, or call (602) 433-7000. When the stop payment is placed by phone, we mail/fax you a stop payment form. You must sign the form and return it to us within two weeks, or the stop payment may be cancelled. A $35 stop payment fee will be applied to your account.

Why is there a stop payment fee on my account? 

The $35 fee helps cover the work required to keep an item from clearing your account.

What is the NSF fee on my statement? 

NSF stands for Non-Sufficient Funds. A transaction was presented against the account, and funds were not available; so, a $35 NSF fee was applied. A check or ACH would be returned to the receiver's/payee's bank unpaid. However, a debit would be paid, and an additional $35 overdraft NSF fee would also be applied to your account.

Is there a service charge for Desert Fusion Checking? 

Effective September 20th, 2010, the Desert Fusion checking account will require account holders to have any combination of two or more of the following requirements: enrollment in eStatements, Direct Deposit, and/or a minimum of three non-PIN debit card purchases per statement cycle. A $5.00 monthly service charge will be applied to the account when the requirements aren't met. The monthly service charge will be waived for primary members under the age of 18.

What requirements must be met for Desert Fusion Checking, in order to qualify for dividends and ATM fee refunds? 

First, you need 30 or more non-PIN posted debit card purchases during the statement cycle. Second, you need a minimum of one Direct Deposit or other ACH debit/credit posted to the account during the statement cycle. Such transactions include payroll or Social Security deposit, or automatic electronic withdrawals from your checking account for items such as mortgage, gym membership or utility expenses. Third, you need to be enrolled in Online Banking and eStatements.

If the requirements are met for Desert Fusion Checking, what rewards will I receive? 

You will be paid dividends on your Desert Fusion balance and refunded all U.S. domestic ATM fees posted during the statement cycle in which the requirements were met.

How often must the requirements for Desert Fusion Checking be met to qualify for rewards? 

Requirements must be met monthly. Members have from the start to the end of the statement cycle to meet all requirements.

How quickly are non-PIN debit purchases posted to my account? 

Depending on the merchant, non-PIN debits typically post one to three days after the purchase date.

How will I know how many non-PIN debit purchases have posted to my Desert Fusion Checking account? 

The easiest way is to access Online Banking, which displays the total number of posted debit purchases you incurred for the previous month, as well as a running count of the number of qualifying posted debits for the current month. Members may also contact the Member Assistance Center at (602) 433-7000 or visit any branch location.

If at the end of the statement cycle I have 29 posted debits instead of the required 30, can I still qualify for the rewards? 

No, a minimum of 30 qualifying non-PIN debit purchases must be posted during that statement cycle in order to receive dividends and ATM fee refunds.

How are dividends calculated for Desert Fusion Checking? 

Dividends are calculated daily on account balances and credited monthly.

If I meet the monthly requirements for Desert Fusion Checking, when will my dividends be paid? 

Dividends for all qualifying accounts will be paid on your statement date.

If I use another financial institution's ATM and pay a fee, when will I receive a refund to my Desert Fusion Checking account? 

ATM fee refunds for all qualifying accounts will be posted by the statement date of the following month.

Will I have to present or mail ATM receipts to receive reimbursement? 

No. Refunds for qualifying accounts will automatically be credited to your account by the statement date of the following month.

Do my debit card transactions at an ATM count towards my required 30 posted transactions for Desert Fusion Checking? 

No. ATM transactions are PIN-based and do not qualify.

Can I carry forward debit card transactions in excess of the required number to the next month? 

No. Each month, members must qualify based on the number of posted debits during that statement cycle.

Are ATMs fees refunded on international transactions? 

No. Only United States ATM fees qualify for refunds.

If I convert from my current Desert Schools checking account to Desert Fusion Checking, will I have to order new checks and a debit card? 

No. Your current checks and debit card will continue to work with your Desert Fusion account.

If I convert my account to Desert Fusion Checking during the month, will the debit card transactions on my old account count towards the debit card requirements for Desert Fusion? 

No. Non-PIN debit card purchases will begin accumulating after your account is converted.

Does Desert Fusion Checking qualify as a relationship service for bonus rates on savings certificates? 

Yes. Desert Fusion Checking qualifies for earning 1 premium on premium certificates.

Can the dividend rate on my Desert Fusion Checking account change? 

Yes, the dividend rate is variable and will change from time to time based on market conditions.

What if I lose my Online Local Savings card? 

If you lose your permanent card, call the Online Local Savings Member Services Center at (800) 251-2311, between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday.

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