Where can I find my loan payment amount or next due date?

Loan details can be located by logging into Online Banking. To help keep track of when your payment is due, set up a Payment Due alert using Mobile or Online Banking.

I made a deposit to my account, but the balance I see in Mobile Banking only went up by a portion of that amount. What happened?

The balance displayed in Mobile Banking is the available balance only. If funds are placed on hold, they will not appear as part of your balance until the hold is released. If you view your transaction history, you’ll be able to see the full deposit.

Why is there a “(P)” in front of my transaction in Mobile Banking?

This indicates that the transaction is a pending transaction that will process at the end of the business day.

When I search for transactions during a certain date, why do the results show dates in the future that I didn’t request?

Transactions performed on a weekend are deducted from your balance, but actually post with the date of the next business day, 5 days in the “future” are automatically added to your search. For example, any purchase you make on Saturday, May 12 will have a posting date of Monday, May 14. If you do a search for transactions conducted May 7 – May 12, the results will automatically include May 7 – May 17th to ensure that all weekend/holiday transactions will be included.

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