How are the Back and Forward buttons used to navigate the site? 

The Back and Forward buttons (or arrows) are a quick way to move between pages during your current Internet session. Clicking Back lets you return to a previous page, and Forward allows you to advance to the page you were viewing prior to clicking Back. For more information, please refer to the Help section in your browser's menu.

How do I make the Desert Schools Web site a bookmark or favorite? 

In most cases, simply use your mouse to right click the Desert Schools home page. An options box should appear. Select Add to Favorites, Bookmark this Page or equivalent to set up a reference to For more information, please refer to the Help section in your browser's menu.

When do I use the Reload or Refresh button? 

Use this button if the page did not load completely or if you lose your connection. For more information, please refer to the Help section in your browser's menu.

What is a PIN? 

A PIN is a personal identification number. You have separate PINs to access our Phone Access Line (PAL) and your debit card. While not recommended, you may visit a branch if you wish to make these the same number.

Which types of accounts can I access in Online Banking? 

You can access your checking, savings and money market accounts; certificates and IRAs; consumer and mortgage loans; and business loans.

How do I sign up for Online Banking? 

To enroll, simply enter your Member Number in the Login field on the home page, and complete the enrollment process.

What details appear under Account History in Online Banking? 

Account History includes transaction details posted to your checking, savings, money market or loan accounts. This includes date, amount and description, as well as your account balance. You can review transactions posted since your last statement or up to 90 days prior. Send us a secured message via the Message Center in Online Banking, or call (602) 433-7000 with questions.

Can I change my image and caption? 

Yes. Log into Online Banking, click Update Profile in the left sidebar and go to Change Login Preferences.

What is Regulation D? 

It is a federal regulation that limits the number of times you can transfer funds from a non-transaction account (e.g., savings, money market). The limit per statement cycle is six transactions. These six transactions may include preauthorized automatic transfers, electronic funds transfers, telephone-initiated transfers, overdraft protection transfers, Point of Sale (POS) transactions, checks and drafts. Transfers done through PAL and Online Banking do count toward the monthly limit.

What business accounting software can I use with Online Banking? 

Online Banking is compatible with Microsoft Money, Quicken and QuickBooks business products (current version and one year prior).

How can I suggest an improvement to or Online Banking? 

We welcome your feedback. Simply email us at

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