Business Checking

How can I tell what my account number is by looking at the bottom of my business checks? 

There are three sets of numbers at the bottom of your Desert Schools business checks. Each set is separated by a space. The first set of numbers is check number. The second set of numbers is Desert Schools' routing number. (This number tells other financial institutions where to send funds.) The third set of numbers contains your account number. The first 2-3 digits (10 or 100) appear on all Desert Schools checks. The following numbers are your account number, followed by 2 digits (this is your checking account suffix, 80 through 87—i.e., 100-12345-80).

Can my business use its current check company? 

Clarke American Expert Business Check Supplies is our preferred vendor. If you wish to use another check company, a spec sheet can be obtained at the branch. It outlines our specific processing requirements.

How can I order or reorder checks? 

Login to Online Banking, go to the Resource Center and click Check Reorder, then select "click here" under the Business Accounts section. You may also contact Clarke American Expert Business Check Supplies at (800) 503-2345 or via their Web site.

How can I view check copies online? 

To view posted checks, log into Online Banking, and click the appropriate account on the My Accounts tab. Locate the check number in the Account History section, and click the blue description (e.g., Check 100). The check image will appear in a new window. If you do not see a new window with your check image in it, please verify that you do not have a popup blocker. If a check cleared in the branch or was posted manually, the image will be unavailable. Check copies can be ordered by phone or via the Check Copy Request form, located under the Resource Center tab in Online Banking.

What is Check# 8499? 

Check# 8499 is assigned to electronic "check-by-phone" transactions with no reference number or to checks that are damaged and unreadable by our electronic processor. To verify the payee, a copy must be ordered for $2.

What is Privilege Pay? 

Privilege Pay is an overdraft program designed to pay checks and electronic items that would otherwise be returned for insufficient funds. A Privilege Pay (Non-Sufficient Funds - Paid NSF) fee is applied when Privilege Pay pays the item. This helps avoid fees a merchant would apply on a returned item. Eligibility requirements are based upon account status at the time an item is presented. You may elect to discontinue this service by emailing or calling us.

What is the Clarke American charge on my statement? 

Clarke American is the company that makes your checks. This is the charge for your recent check order.

Can I set up a payment to my Desert Schools loan from my checking account at another financial institution? 

Yes. First, verify the terms and conditions of the other financial institution. Then, simply email us via the Online Banking Message Center, call (602) 433-7000 or complete an External Funds Transfer form at any branch.

How do I place a stop payment? 

To place a stop payment, we need specific information: the check number, payee of the check, amount of the check and reason for stop payment. There are three reasons for stop payments to be placed: lost/stolen checks, fraud/forgery or refer to maker. When the stop payment is placed by phone, we mail/fax out a stop payment form for you to sign. You must sign the form and return it to us within two weeks, or the stop payment may be cancelled. There is a $35 stop payment fee that will be applied to the account. To request a stop payment on an individual check, please call (602) 335-STOP, or access Online Banking and click the Stop Payment Request link in the Resource Center section.

Why is there a stop payment fee on my account? 

The $35 fee helps cover the work required to keep an item from clearing your account.

What is the NSF fee on my statement? 

NSF stands for Non-Sufficient Funds. A transaction was presented against the account, and funds were not available; so, a $35 NSF fee was applied. A check or ACH would be returned to the receiver's/payee's bank unpaid. However, a debit would be paid, and an additional $35 overdraft NSF fee would also be applied to your account.

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