Why Press Credit for Debit Purchases

You receive fraud protection on non-PIN based purchases made with your Desert Schools Visa® Debit Card.

What's a non-PIN based purchase?
That means choosing the "Credit" button for purchases made with your debit card and, if the amount requires, signing a payment slip. So, when the merchant asks, "Is that debit or credit?" always respond, "Credit, please."

The payment still comes right out of our Desert Schools checking account, but making non-PIN based purchases offers you the guarantee of Visa's Zero Liability policy and the benefit of dispute assistance, if needed. In addition, Visa features an attractive bonus - promotions and sweepstakes winners, who are randomly selected from a list of their non-PIN based purchases!

So many members use their Desert Schools Visa Debit Cards. It's a fantastic way to easily pay for everyday purchases, safely shop online and quickly take out cash anywhere Visa is accepted . . . all without finance charges or annual fees. Shouldn't all of your purchases be covered?

It may sound odd to press "Credit" when using your debit card. But it's Desert Schools' goal to ensure you receive maximum purchase protection. And, with more resourceful identity thieves, it is in your best interest to always choose the "Credit" option for purchases.

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