How to Make Non-PIN Purchases

Here are some common scenarios you are likely to encounter as you prepare to use your debit card; all of which result in non-PIN purchases:

Scenario One: Coffee
You walk into your favorite coffee shop and order your morning latte. When the cashier swipes your debit card, she hands you a receipt without asking for your PIN or requiring a signature.

Scenario Two: Fast Food
You forget your lunch and mosey over to the corner fast food place. When the attendant gives you the total, you hand over your debit card. He runs it and simply gives you back a receipt.

Scenario Three: Shopping
You stop at your neighborhood superstore for shampoo and the new CD you want. When the clerk says the total, you swipe your debit card. The screen defaults to, "Enter your PIN." What do you do? Simply hit the Cancel button. Then, choose the Credit option and sign on-screen for your purchase.

Scenario Four: Gas
You see your car is approaching E. You run your debit card at the gas pump, and it asks if this is debit or credit. You choose credit and, if required, enter your billing ZIP Code.

Scenario Five: Restaurant
You take your best friend out to dinner. When the check comes, you slip your debit card into the payment book. The server walks away briefly, runs it and presents you with a slip to sign.

While these scenarios cannot cover all of the possible ways you may use your debit card, they should help you see how to make your next transaction a non-PIN purchase.

Points to Remember . . .

  • Save time by using the Credit option when you initiate a purchase.
  • Choosing Credit for a debit card purchase still deducts the money from your checking account.
  • More merchants are not requiring a signature for lesser amounts. When posted, those count toward your goal of 30 monthly non-PIN posted purchases for Desert Fusion Checking.
  • A few small companies may not have credit capabilities, but most do. When in doubt, ask the merchant to, "Run it as credit, please."
  • Every non-PIN purchase offers fraud protection under Visa®'s Zero Liability policy and entry in their current prize promotions!

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