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BETTER MEMBERSHIP. BETTER REWARDS. Being a member of Desert Schools is now even more rewarding! The more you do with us, the more you get back in discounts, waived fees and and a wide array of tools to set you up for financial success.


Together we all own a part of this credit union and because of that, you the member deserve even more in return.


The more you utilize Desert Schools, the more successful our co-op is, and in turn you get more back as an owner.


We're giving more benefits like lower loan rates and discounted services to dedicated members.


A new rewards program makes it easy to earn rewards and grow your membership.
We were founded on the belief that as a community, we can accomplish more of our financial goals when we work together. That’s why the more our members use our services, the more we’re able to give back – allowing them to achieve their goals a little faster. A little easier.

In today's economy, you need to be smart with your money. Use this quiz to gauge whether you're at the head of the class or need to brush up on finance.

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After a year and more than 1 million votes, we have a winner! Check out the amazing causes featured as part of our 75th anniversary.

Arizona charity wins a $30,000 grant
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The Desert Schools Community Service Scholarship rewards students who have dedicated exceptional time and effort serving their communities and who plan to continue this dedication into the future.

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As a member of a credit union, you're an owner, not a customer. That's a significant difference.

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